Fishing in Thy

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Welcome to fishing in Thy - one of the best kept secrets in the angling community!


Whether you are into "Big Game Hunting" out on “The Yellow Reef” on the open ocean, or testing your fishing skills from the harbour piers and breakwaters along the coast, or dropping your line into a lake, fjord or river for a calm, tranquil fishing experience - then Thy has got the fishing spots for you! 

Here you can catch everything - from giant cod to flatfish! Remember warm clothes and heavy gear!

At the tourist office we also issue local fishing licenses for Nors Lake, Vandet Lake and Flade Lake, as well as the national fishing license.  

Angling at Thy State Forest District

Fishing in Thy National Park

Agger Tange Lystfiskeri

Vildsund Lystfiskeri


The Yellow Reef

Fishing lakes in Thy

Coastal Fishing

Fish Monger - Smoke House

Bulbjerg coast

Bulbjerg coast has good fishing opportunities.

Angling waters: Agger

Fishing opportunities at Agger.

Flade Sea in Thy National Park

Large freshwater lake in the southern part of Thy National Park.

Klitmøller coast in Thy National Park

Fishing opportunity at Klitmøller.

Lild Strand coast

Fishing lake for angling.

Angling waters: Lyngby Strand in Thy National Park

Fishing possibilities from the beach by Lyngby.

Lakes in Nors and Vandet in Thy National Park

Lakes in Thy National Park with good angling opportunities.

Vorupør Beach & Pier

Great opportunities for angling along the beach and on the pier.

Lystfiskerudstyr, jagt, fritid m.m.

Photo: Susanne worm