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Vestkyststien - from Agger to Bulbjerg

Photo: Ditte Maria Nørgaard

En dagbogsreportage fra kysten

The west coast path from Agger to Bulbjerg is an 80-100 km path following the old coastal rescue path. The trip goes through the wild and untamed landscape of Thy, along the North Sea coast. Ditte Maria is one of the many hiking enthusiasts, that choose to hike on the West Coast Path, every year. In July 2021, Ditte Maria’s trip was divided into 5 stages, totaling 128 km. Read about her experience here:

I started my walk on the West Coast Path at Agger Tange, in the south, where you can experience both seals, dolphins, and a lot of birdlife. After an overnight stay in the forest, in primitive accommodation, I walked towards Stenbjerg. The day’s best experience was at Lodbjerg Lighthouse - a beautiful place with a primitive camping and accommodation site with really good, basic facilities. The area around the lighthouse is very well looked after and cared for. And the view from the top of the lighthouse gives a fantastic feeling of Thy's enormous nature.


At the Lifeboat Rescue House in Lyngby (which is reserved for hikers on that route) I got to charge my phone while having a warm wash, make a cup of coffee, and wash clothes (by hand). A nice place where you can spend the night in bunk beds for a small fee.


In Stenbjerg I met some very kind and helpful people - they all wanted to talk so much, that I ended up sitting around a campfire with them, that evening.


Day 3 brought sunshine from morning to evening - a very hot day to be hiking, so I took a swim in Nr. Vorupør and Klitmøller - both villages have beautiful, long-stretching sandy beaches.


After Nr. Vorupør I hiked over the heath (here I saw a snake for the first time in my life) and through the forest out to Bøgsted Rende's sea mark. A big, impressive sea mark, which is one of 11 left in Denmark, out of the 25 that were built along the coast between 1886-1887. There was a fantastic view from Bøgsted Rende, out over the sea and the landscape - it was a lovely trip out there. From Bogsted Rende I had a long stretch over Vangså Hede (heath) until I came to Nystrup Klitplantage. Arriving in Klitmøller, I took a much needed dip in the sea.


Ditte Marie is 40 years old and after she got divorced, she needed to do something for herself. She decided to pack a backpack and go out for a walk. It was the beginning of a passionate need for hiking and nature - a passion that is still a part of her everyday life.


It was the first time I experienced the beach and ocean in Klitmøller empty of people - probably the weather. Today was a slightly cloudy day, but perfect for hiking. And the day's walk was mostly on the beach until I came to Hanstholm.


It was exciting to walk in the hills around Hanstholm, where there is lots of history from World War ll, with many old german bunkers scattered around.

The primitive accommodation site in Vigsø was so cozy and very idyllic. I pitched my little tent in a place where there was plenty of firewood and a toilet. A truly lovely little spot, not far from the sea.


The last stage was very special. I was excited to see Bulbjerg cliffs after 5 days of hiking. And even though I’d been there before, the sight of the rock rising in the landscape did not disappoint.


Today's stage was also primarily on the beach, so those kms were hard on the legs!

The sight of the cliff towering high in the landscape did not disappoint either. Not even in a slightly cloudy setting. It's such a beautiful and impressive sight every time - and even today, with many tourists visiting.


I have never experienced so much kindness and helpfulness as on this trip. A lovely couple gave me a lift out to the main road, where I could catch the bus to Thisted. 3 min after I had jumped on the bus, the wildest downpour came - talk about good timing.


I was quite sad to be done with the trip. Maybe a bit like when you finish reading a good book. It had been a great walk along this wonderful coast.


The west coast path runs primarily along the coast. But like Ditta Maria, you too can also make some detours, through different types of landscapes and nature, extending the route as you wish. 


If you would like to experience hiking in Thy, you can read Ditte Maria's entire story on our website. You can also seek further information at The whole route is marked with a lifeboat as a logo.

Ditte ved sømærket
Photo: Ditte Maria Nørgaard
Godnat fra teltet
Photo: Ditte Maria Nørgaard

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