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I historiens spor

Follow in historic footsteps with Pil & Storm

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Family book on the local cultural & history of Thy.

The two charming characters in the book, Pil & Storm, invite children and their parents on historical adventures, throughout Thy National Park.

In the book, Pil & Storm guide visitors around the national park and introduce them to the special cultural history, that is linked to the northwest corner of Denmark, dating back to the Stone Age and all the way up to 1945.

The publication, which is aimed at families with children around the age of 10-12 years, should inspire children and adults to experience Thy National Park's characteristic cultural history.

The book contains five themes:

Fighting the enemy (World War II)

Fight against the sea (including coastal protection and strandings)

The struggle for life (everyday life in the sand dune and fishing communities)

The fight against the sand (human struggle against the problem of constant shifting sands)

The struggle in the past (life and death from the Stone Age up to the Viking Age)

The book is full of pictures, assignments, activity suggestions, places to visit and not least text that, with anecdotes and facts, give a good introduction to the five themes, and the places they can be experienced.

The book is compiled by Museum Thy, and put together by a team of writers made up of historians and mediators from Museum Thy.

Unfortunately, the book is not published in English.

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