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The history of Cold Hawaii

Photo: Thy

Windsurfing was the major attraction back in the 80s in Klitmøller. And now - along with windsurfing - surfing and SUP'ing have become the water activities that characterise this small fishing town!

Cold Hawaii's reputation is built on the discovery of the area back in the 80s, as an excellent place to windsurf. The name, Cold Hawaii, is now well known in the worldwide windsurf community.

Rumour has it that the area was first "discovered" by German windsurfer Christian Drach, brother of the well-known windsurfer Jurgen Drach, back in 1981. Christian was on his way to Norway, by ferry, from Hanstholm. Due to bad weather, there was no sailing ... so Christian drove to Klitmøller, a quiet fishing village 15 km south of Hanstholm, to check what he thought could be a potentially good place to windsurf. When he rounded the last corner of Ørhagevej, down by the bay in Klitmøller, he was not disappointed - Christian had found a fantastic windsurf spot!

And the story continues from there ...

Many windsurfers came to Klitmøller and it soon became a very well known spot for windsurfing. The nickname, "Cold Hawaii," appeared sometime in the 90s ... and the name has stuck to it to this day! In 2005, a "Master Plan", under the name "The Cold Hawaii Master Plan" was created by the local surf club, NASA and a few local visionaries, to integrate surfing into the community, and to promote Thy, as a surfing center in Northern Europe.

These days, windsurfing still plays an important role in the Cold Hawaii region. When the wind blows, windsurfers from all over Europe come to test themselves on Thy's west coast. Windsurf conditions are so good here that the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) World Cup has stopped in Klitmøller, in September, for the last 10 years. With that event comes the world's best windsurfers, to compete in the strong winds and big waves, as part of the world tour!

One thing that has changed over the last 10 years or more is the amount of surfing (paddle surfing) and surfers that have come to the region. Surfing has become an integral and stable part of everyday life in Cold Hawaii. Especially in Klitmøller, where there are surf shops, rental of surf equipment and surf schools all year round. And in the summer, Klitmøller and Vorupør are alive with the excitement and energy from surf schools, heading into the waves. Families, kids, teens, adults ... all out to get their first taste of surfing! And when the waves are really pumping, the towns and the ocean are bustling with locals and other surfers from far and wide who search Cold Hawaii's coast to find the best waves!

Cold Hawaii is a beautiful and special place to visit - at all seasons. Whether surfing is your hobby, your life or you're just here to watch - there's always something to do here. With Thy National Park as a neighbour to Cold Hawaii, you get some of Denmark's most wonderful nature, right next door!

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