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Ridning i Thy

Riding in Thy

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There are few other places in the country where you can have as great a riding experience as in Thy - and certainly no other place where you have the opportunity to ride in Denmark's biggest and first National Park!

Marked routes:

In several of the dune plantations in Thy - like in the National Park - it is possible to find marked riding trails. You can find the routes at the Forest and Nature Agency Thy or visit one of the tourist offices in Thy - we will be happy to help you out with maps and answer any of your questions.

Tour Guides:

In Thy you will find several tour guides with riding as a part of their program. The trips range from a short walk on the beach, swimming with the horses in the lakes or to longer rides over several days.

There are many opportunities - just throw yourself into it, and ride off into the sunset!

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