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Walking and hiking in Thy

Photo: VisitThy

The nature of Thy is unique and therefore also ideal for hiking. Whether you want a short walk or a long hike... here in Thy, we have something for everyone.


In Thy there is a wealth of marked hiking trails through our beautiful scenery. At Thy Tourist Office we are very proud of this, and below you can find some inspiration for some of the trails.

Of course, some of these trails pass through Thy National Park, but there are also interesting and exciting trails in the rest of Thy.

All the hiking trails can be found in brochures from the Skov og Naturstyrelsen (Forestry Commission) which can be found at Thy Tourist Office. You can also find brochure links below.

If you are looking for a longer hike/holiday we recommend walking along the West Coast Path - Agger-Bulbjerg, and staying in outdoor shelters near the route or take a look under  "Accommodation" in the leaflet, for a place to stay the night.

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