Lokale Fødevareproducenter

Local Food Producers

Photo: VisitThy

The local pantry is fresh and sustainable because the ingredients are produced nearby.

Brænderiet Limfjorden


Chokoladekurven - Chocolate Shop

A nice chocolate shop in Thisted.

Dragsbæk A/S

Dragsbaek produces margarine products and other fats for consumers and professional customers in Denmark and a large number of other countries.


NaturmadThy has the nature in Thy as part of their pantry.

Distillery Thylandia



Boiled Sweets Factory and Art & Crafts.

Thise Mejeri


Thisted Bryghus - brewery

Local brewery in Thy.


Producer of delicacies with raw materials from Thy National Park and Thy.

Tican Fresh Meat A/S

Local butcher company.

Honey from Thy

Honey producer.

Thy Whisky

Danish Single Malt whiskey on own local produce, grown organically in and around National Park Thy.

Nedergård organic ice cream and farm shop

Organic farm that produces organic ice cream.

Vilsund Blue

Clam manufacturer