Photo: VisitThy

In Thy you will find many burial mounds, ancient settlements, Viking burial grounds and some fort remains. Below is a summary of what you can find.


Battery Hanstholm 1

The german battery, Hanstholm 1, was constructed in 1940, as a part of the german coast-defence in Denmark.




An embankment place.

Bronce Age Barrows at "Oldtidshøjene" near Ydby Skjold

Bronce Age Barrows.

Moat of "Sjørring Volde"

One of Denmark's impressive and well-preserved castle systems.

Tvorup Church ruin in Thy National Park

A church ruin from the romanesque age. The church was demolished in 1595 when the parish was destroyed by the sand drift.

Tømmerby Viking Burial Site

Viking Cemetery from approx. year 800.

Vigsø WWII Battery

Part of the Atlantic Wall from World War II.