Cold Hawaii - the surfer's coast!

Klitmøller is known as one of Europe's best surf spots. Wind and wave conditions make the area perfect.

Klitmøller has always been known as a popular holiday village, an now it is also worldfamous bacause of it´s fantastic surfing wawes called "Cold Hawaii".

In September 2010, the best international windsurfers received a warm welcome in Klitmøller at the first Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup.

The KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is a windsurfing competition. The competition is one in a series of competitions, which, combined, constitute the PWA World Cup in windsurfing wave performance. This is where the absolute best windsurfers compete for the points which will determine their placement in the world ranking and the overall world championship.

It is the Professional Windsurf Association (PWA), which is responsible for the global World Cup in windsurfing. KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is the only Scandinavian stop on the prestigious PWA tour in wave-performance, which each year ends with the announcement of the new World Champion.

The surfers visiting Klitmøller are the absolute best in the world, and they will be competing for important points at Ørhage and the legandary Cold Hawaii spot "The Reef".

KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup takes place in September in Klitmøller, more specifically at “The Reef” at the tip of Ørhage. Special ocean conditions and strong westerly winds have given the place its status as a perfect place for windsurfing wave performance. The Reef is one of 31 surf spots along the west coast in the Municipality of Thisted, which, combined, are known as Cold Hawaii.


Children and adults

Surfers are found in all ages - young people, families and children. If you want to try, you can start surfing the fjord or enroll in a course.


Of course you can also just enjoy the sight of the "professional". Throughout the year there are competitions in high class and are held regularly surf events and competitions.

Here you can click on to two surf schools in Klitmoeller:



is surfing without sails, only on a board, it is about keeping balance on the waves and stand on the wave as far as possible, be one with the wave, and have fun!

Klitmoeller / Cold Hawaii is also known for paddelsurfing, so when the wind surfers do not win, they take their surf boards out and paddelsurfer.

You do not go all the way to Hawaii to learn how to paddelsurfe, it can Cold Hawaii Surf Camp and West Wind Surf Shop offer you in Klitmoeller.

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5 Facts about Cold Hawaii:

1) What is Cold Hawaii?

Cold Hawaii is a term for 29 registered surf spots, all located on the West Coast in Thy from Agger to slightly north of Hanstholm. Klitmøller is the "capital" in Cold Hawaii.

2) What is "Friends of Cold Hawaii"?

"Friends of Cold Hawaii" is a social enterprise, which is behind the annual organization of "Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup" in Thisted Municipality.

3) What is Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?

Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is one in a series of events that together form the overall PWA World Cup. Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup consists of 32 of the world's best male wave surfers who are all fighting for points and the title of World Champion in the discipline "wave performance".

4) Where is Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?

Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup takes place in Klitmøller. A perfect, but hardcore, place for surfing and windsurfing.

5) Is it cold in Cold Hawaii?

It's like Hawaii - just colder, so bring your jacket...

Cold Hawaii - Surf Camp, Klitmøller

Cold Hawaii - Surf Camp, Klitmøller

Cold Hawaii - Surf Camp, Klitmøller

Cold Hawaii - Surf Camp, Klitmøller

Cold Hawaii - Klitmøller:

Cold Hawaii Surf Camp - Klitmøller:

West Wind Surf Shop - Klitmøller

Windsurfers wait for golden wind in Cold Hawaii: