Cold Hawaii in Thy

is one of the best surf spots in Europe - and a surfers paradise...

Cold Hawaii is a term for 31 registered surf spots, all located on the West Coast in Thy from Agger to Hanstholm. Klitmøller is the "capitalin Cold Hawaii.

Cold Hawaii is a beautiful and special place to visit - in all seasons. Whether surfing is your hobby, your life or neither - then there’s always something to do here. With Thy National Park being right on the doorstep of Cold Hawaii, you have some of Denmark’s most wonderful nature, right next door.

Cold Hawaii

Cold Hawaii is a coastal region, on the west coast of Thy, stretching from Agger, in the south of Thy, up to Nr. Vorupør, to Klitmøller, and on to Hanstholm. With so many surf spots along the coast, there is always a place to surf, whatever your level and experience.

You can do:

* windsurfing

* surfing

* kitesurfing

* S.U.P.

Klitmøller, and nearby Nr. Vorupør, are busy with surfers, from near and far… all year ‘round. Rain or sunshine - if the wind and waves are right, then the SURF’S UP! And during the spring and summer months, families, kids and holiday makers head to Cold Hawaii, seeking the thrill and fun of surfing.

The local surf shops and surf schools are always on hand to advise and guide, whether one is new to the sport, or a regular surfer!

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