SLEEP well, in Thy...

All over Thy, from the wetlands in the north, down through Thy National Park and along the coast of the North Sea, Thy offers different types of accommodation, for different types of holidays and short breaks.

Choose the one that suits YOU! - or contact us for more info and advice.

Accommodation in Thy

Choose the right accomadation for your stay in Thy - The tourist office can help you find what you are looking for!

If you want info and advice, regarding accomation, then we are available to help you.

- Just call on: 97 92 19 00

Holiday Cottage rental

Across Thy you will find holiday homes.

Whatever your needs...

Whether you like luxury & wellness, a cozy B&B, or a night under the stars - Thy has all kinds of accomadation!

... a cottage by the sea, a hotel by the Limfjord, a place to sleep in town, a stay in the countryside, campsites with both tents and luxury cabins in the beautiful scenery, a social stay-over at a hostel, or B&B on a traditional Thy farm, and more...

Holiday Centres

Thy have several holiday resorts with the option of both conferences and group stays.