Agger is one of the most popular towns on the west coast, during the summer. Here you'll find a large and beautiful wide sandy beach that invites all sorts of holiday activities. The charm of Agger is its location near the sea, lakes, fjord and woodland, in Thy National Park.

Agger is also known for having the longest official handicap path, in Denmark. The path leads from the parking lot on the dunes, where there is the option to either turn left to get on a tarmac road in the direction of Agger Tange, with its bird sanctuary, at the southernmost part of Thy National Park - or turn to the right, where the direction goes north, towards Lodbjerg Lighthouse, that can be seen in the distance.

The town has art shops, cafes and restaurants. Here there is lively summer activity with recurring events such as the unique "Hawfest" (Sea Festival) where the whole town is full of life and oozing with atmosphere.

Agger also has a marina, located at Nissum Bay, on the limfjord Limfjord. Here is an angler's shop, a summer restaurant and Agger Harbour Holiday Centre with swimming pool and tennis courts. The small, old fishing huts by the fjord give the place a special atmosphere.

Agger's idyllic, little church is well worth a visit. It has been moved twice, due to drifting sand, blown in, over the years, by the west wind!

Visit the "The Black Houses", where you can see more about the area's fishing history and coast protection.

"Fiskerhuset" is a small museum that tells about the fishermen's life in the old days and the building traditions of the West Coast.

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