All about cycling in Thy

Do you dream of getting away from everyday life, away from your computer, away from the main road - a place where you can smell the flowers, feel the wind in your hair and the nature all around you? Then get on ya bike!

The relatively smooth and low-lying landscape of Thy, with it's idyllic paths and roads, is perfect for both long and short cycle tours.

Here you get plenty of fresh air, exercise and be close to the nature.

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Cycling routes in Thy

Panorama Routes are bike tours that take you to places with great views, and small, secret spots with space for quiet contemplation.

You will find 16 signposted Panorama routes along the west coast. Each route aims to keep you away from the main roads, when possible. They are each between 20 and 50 km long, and they follow, or are close to, the coast and on the legendary West Coast Route. Since it's your trip... you can start and stop where you wish, anywhere on the route.

The West Coast Route is like no other national route in Denmark. The contrast from the south, with its rich, flat marsh, to the north with steep, "mountainous" dunes makes this route spectacular. The West Coast Route is a 560km long tale of man and nature, by the sea.

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Bed & Bike:

- cyclist friendly accommodation

When you are on a bike ride, it's nice to have a place to put your bike for the night, or to be able to borrow a pump or tools, so that your bike is well-tuned for the day ahead. A cycling holiday is so much better when you know that the accommodation you've choosen has what a cyclist needs.

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