With its location on the outer corner of Thy, Hanstholm is the epitome of the rough, majestic climate in the west. The city was until recently a small fishing village, but today it is one of the largest consumer fishing ports, in Denmark.

Every day of the week from Monday to Friday there are fish auctions in the large halls of the port. Guests have access to these auctions, but keep in mind, that it is a workplace.

In 2002 the Museum Centre Hanstholm opened. This museum is part of the bunker museum at Molevej, and offers a fantastic insight into the life and times at North Europe's biggest WWII fortification. Read more here: Hanstholm Museum.

In 2009, Hanstholm had a wave-energy research station placed in the harbour. It can be seen here in the water north-east of Hanstholm harbour. See more on their website.

In the shopping center in Hanstholm there are a number of shops.


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The lighthouse in Hanstholm:

Museums Center Hanstholm

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