In several of the churches you can enjoy classical concerts. And Thy Masterclass, the great cultural event, offers concerts.


Another event, Thy Rock, takes places every year.

Thy Rock

Thy Rock is an annual event that brings together more than 10,000 spectators over two days listening to the top of the music.


Thy Rock takes place at "Dyrskuepladsen" in Thisted.




Concerts at Kirsten Kjær´s Museum

A museum packed with wonderful concert experiences, and a musical program featuring breathtaking classical music, folk music and jazz.







"Plantagehuset" in Thisted

"Plantagehuset" is a good mix of community center, activity and cultural center of Thisted city and the surrounding areas and has been around since 1981.

Listen to rhythmical music - visit "Plantagehuset" in Thisted ...



Concerts in the Church in Thisted


In Thisted Church regular concerts are held.








Alive Festival


Alive Festival presents a wide range of interesting and innovative music from the Danish and international music scene...









Thy Masterclass

Young professionals and outstanding students will once again join renowned artist teachers to perform great chamber music repertoire together in concerts throughout Thy, Denmark. Each piece from the repertoire will be played in two concerts, each person plays in six or more concerts. All participants in the Thy Chamber Music Festival will be in three or more chamber music groups performing together with the professors, and in groups.

Thisted Rytmus


Thisted Rytmus presents rhythmical music.