Nature in Thy...

In Thy you will find so much nature... in LARGE format!

Thy is surrounded by the fjord and the North Sea. This location makes the Thy nature something special -a place where almost all of Denmarks natural variation is found in one region. 

In Thy we take care of our nature, and like to share it with others. We are very proud that a large part of our municipality has been named Denmark's first and largest national park - Thy National Park.

Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Denmark, and here you can experience the pristine dune landscapes, rare breeding birds and large herds of red deer.

Agger Tange and Northern Europe's largest bird sanctuary, Vejlerne, are both known beyond its borders, as a haven for birds and nature lovers.

From the limestone cliffs of Bulbjerg, Denmark's only bird cliff, you have a unique view over the sea and the natural landscape.


Thy - between sea and fjord...

Thy has sandy beaches along the west coast, many seaside resorts along the fjord and two of the cleanest lakes in Denmark: Nors Lake and Vandet Lake.

The water is good and there is plenty of it - feel free to bathe!

Sea, lakes and fjords provide different options - from the rugged to the gentle. Take folder on bathing safety, at the tourist offices. Although the water is very inviting, it can not be stressed enough that it should be enjoyed with caution - especially the sea, which can be unpredictable!

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