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Coastal towns and villages of Thy

The west coast of Thy has always been a popular holiday destination. Here is beach, sand and sea, quaint shops and great experiences.

In the coastal towns and villages of Thy you will find a big variety of shops, supermarkets, surf shops & surf schools, handicrafts, fish smokehouses, cafes, galleries and eateries, etc...


Silence, roaring sea and spectacular scenery...

Join us on one Denmark's most beautiful walks!

It runs through Denmark's first national park - Thy National Park. Five days with four different small inns and hotels, each with a seaside location or nestling the forest, and each with their special menus: fresh fish, local national park produce and traditional Danish dishes.

The hike takes place, with expert from the Danish Nature Agency.


Nr. Vorupør is the largest and liveliest of the seaside villages in Thy.

Here is sun, sand and water - of course! And also a mixture of shops with groceries, candle making, arts and crafts, surf equipment, smokehouses, cafes and restaurants and especially the North Sea Aquarium with it's "shark tunnel"!