Museum Thy


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There are a number of museums in Thy and the surrounding area. This page gives you a summary, with all the museums.

Museums Center Hanstholm

Visit Denmark's largest bunker museum in Hanstholm.

Faddersbøl Mill

Faddersbøl Mill is a Dutch mill, which was built in 1861. Today the mill is a museum.

Fisherman's House in Agger

The fisherman's house in Agger is a listed house, which today functions as a museum.

Jail & Court House Museum in Vestervig

The small prison in Vestervig is today a museum. The front house is designed for an art exhibition for local artists.

Heltborg Museum / Sydthy Kunst- og Kulturcenter

Museum in the south of Thy.

Johan Skjoldborg's House

Museum for the poet Johan Skjoldborg.

Kirsten Kjær's Museum

Museum for painter Kirsten Kjær.

Klostermøllen (Windmill)

Vestervig Kloster mill is a small museum.

Morsø tractor Museum

Museum for tractors.

Mønsted Limestone Mines

The world's largest lime mine

Stenbjerg Landing Place

Former landing site for coastal fishermen

Thisted Museum (Museet for Thy og Vester Hanherred)


Bunker Museum at Bulbjerg

Unmanned exhibition bunker at the bird cliff Bulbjerg.

Vorupør Museum