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The National Test Center for Large Windmills in Østerild.

Photo: VisitThy

At the test center you can get close to the wind technology of the future. The blades from the 7 turbines will whiz right over your head, and with their impressive 150-220 meters the wind turbines are up to 100 meters higher than the normal wind turbines you see in the Danish landscape.

Østerild is one of the most suitable places to test large wind turbines in Denmark. Most importantly, the test center is close to the coast with plenty of wind. To test the large wind turbines, a mean wind speed of at least 8 meters per second at 100 meters height is required.

At Testcenter Østerild, there is room to test nine wind turbines. In 2019, two new test stands have emerged, after the Government chose to expand the test center. With the expansion of the test center, it has also become possible to test higher wind turbines. Before the expansion, it was possible to test wind turbines up to 250 meters in height - measured from the ground to the top wing tip.

After the expansion, it has been possible to test offshore wind turbines up to 330 meters in 5 of the test sites.

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