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Et døgn på hesteryg

One Day Mini Riding Trip

Photo: Diana Holm


We meet at 2pm at Korreborg Stud Farm, in Svankjær. Birger Eskildsen is the guide during an approx. 4hr ride through Hvidbjerg Plantation out to Lyngby - a small village in the middle of the coastal sand dunes. From there we continue on the old coastal rescue path with views out to the sea and on to Lærkely Shelter Camp, where there is a lunch break for riders and horses.You will be met with a small snack - something delicious with ingredients from Thy National Park. The fire is lit, and together with the guide, you get to prepare dinner based on local ingredients - dessert and coffee are also served. Guests sleep in shelters by the campfire or in the hay in the nearby barn (good mattresses are provided, bring your own sleeping bag). There is also access to showers & toilets.

After breakfast the trip along the Thy Riding Route goes through Stenbjerg Forest and Hvidbjerg Forest back to our starting point at Korreborg Stud Farm, where we finish off with refreshments on the terrace at around midday.

The trip to Lærkely with accommodation is approx. 30kms. 

Price: DKK 1600,00

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