Natur i Thy

The Region Thy

Photo: Mette Johnsen

In Thy you will notice the presence of history... everywhere. You only have to climb up on one of the countless preserved burial mounds, and you are literally "on the shoulders" of our ancestors from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

In addition, numerous museums are scattered around Thy. The museums cover everything from well-known local artists to the Thy bunkers from the 2nd World War.

In addition to this, there is the magnificent scenery and especially the nature of Denmark's first national park: Thy National Park. The nature in Thy National Park is unique! The national park includes coastal dunes and dune plantations and large, fresh water lakes.

Ports of Thy

Beaches in Thy

The Taste of Thy



Denmark's only bird cliff outside Bornholm.

Christiansgave Town Park in Thisted

The Christiansgave town park is a beautiful green area in the middle of Thisted town.

Dover Forest

Private forest with a rich bird life and public access via marked trails, in the orchard.

Eshøj Plantation - Forest and Woods

Eshøj Plantage is a regional site with an unusual forest image.

Heath area: Boddum Bakker

Large heath area in the south of Thy.

Hov Dås

A small forest close to the Limfjord.

Dog Wood in Faddersbøl

Dog forest in Thy National Park.

Dog Wood in Tørvekær by Vilsbøl Dune Plantation in Thy National Park

Dog forest in Thy National Park.

Dog Wood in Østerild Dune Plantation

The Dog Wood covers an area of 27 ha, and is situated to the north of Gl. Aalborgvej, about 1 km to the north east of Østerild. One entrance is situat...

Kronborg Plantation

Plantation on the outskirts of Thisted.

Oldtidshøjene ved Ydby Skjold

Ancient cementary

Ove Sø

Lake close to Thy National Park.

Plantation/View Point: Ashøje

The highest vantage point in Thy.

Rønhede Plantation

Plantation in southern Thy.

Skyum Bjerge

Nature area with many burial mounds.

Sønderhå Plantage at Lake Ove Sø

Plantation close to Ove lake in Thy.

Troldsting ved Bulbjerg

A ridge near Bulbjerg.