Riding Holiday in Thy National Park

Stutteri Korreborg (Korreborg Stud Farm), Lærkely and Tvillinggaard Thy offer a three-day tour in Thy National Park, where everything is provided for those who just want to enjoy the dunes, the forest, the beach, the wind and the silence - together with other riders.

As an alternative to the three-day riding holiday, 2 day guided riding tours can be offered in Thy National Park for groups from Korreborg Stud Farm, dinner and accommodation at Tvillinggaard Thy B&B in Vang. Or you can join our 1 day riding trip with evening bonfire, dinner and accommodation at Lærkely, Stenbjerg Klitplantage.

Tour 1: Two days - contact: Annette Skou: Tel. 0045 51 82 01 34

Tour 2: One day - contact: Lone Lærke Krog: Tel. 0045 40 38 22 08

NOTE: All riding and activities is at your own risk.


The official tour operator is Thy Turistforening - a member of the national tourist group.