Nors Sø

Thy National Park

Denmark's first and largest National Park

Thy National Park is Denmark's largest wilderness. The wind from the sea can be quite strong in this corner of Denmark - and it has been for millennia. This has meant long periods of sand movement, which has created wonderful dunes and ditches, and a myriad of lakes that together have become this very special dune moorland landscape found along the west coast of Thy. A landscape and nature that is quite unique and which was why the area was created as a National Park in 2008.

The National Park, which comprises of 24,370 hectares, extends in a belt for up to 12 km along the west coast, from Agger Tange in the south to Hanstholm in the north. The National Park includes coast, sand dunes, dune plantations and large lakes, and is bound together by some small agricultural areas. In particular, the sand dunes and dune heaths are of great national and international importance.