Angling in Flade Sea - Thy National Park

In Flat Lake - the beautiful large freshwater lake in the southern part of Thy National Park - you can fish for pikeperch, pike, perch, shellfish, bream and eel.

Flade Sø lake is a 661 ha fresh water lake, with masses of zander - one of the best zander waters in Denmark - and a wide variety of other fish is to be found here, such as pike, roach, perch and lavaret: a great place to fish, while listening to the roar of the nearby, North Sea. In fact, you only have a 2 minutes´ walk and you can fish cod and flatfish from the stone piers.

Fishing license for 3 rods: One-day licens DKK 60.00 - One-week licens DKK 160.00

The fishing license is available from Krik Marine, in Agger. 

A boat with an electric motor can be rented from Krik Marine.

Please note:
During the month of May it is not possible to fish in the lake.