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Isbjerg - Nationalpark Thy

Isbjerg is the highest point in Hanstholm Game Reserve - and thus also the highest point in National Park Thy - with 56 meters above sea level.

From here you have a magnificent view of the National Park Thys northern part between the North Sea, Hanstholmen in the north, Tved Klitplantage to the east and Nors Sø and Vilsbøl Plantage to the south.

Here you can experience wilderness, almost as far as the eye can see.

There are restrictions on access and traffic, so the reserve is a sanctuary for animals and birds. Cranes, thinkers and rain sparrows breed here.

You may be lucky enough to see large flocks of crowned deer grazing undisturbed while sea eagles and ospreys fly high above the landscape.


The hiking trail to Isbjerg

The hiking trail to Isbjerg starts at Nors Sø. The path goes right on the edge of Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve. Therefore, be aware of the special rules that apply here. 

With its 3,900 hectares, Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve is an important core area in the national park and is the largest continuous North Atlantic dune heath in Europe.

The former seabed and consists of dunes, heaths, swamps, marshes and lakes. This is where rare plants grow and create good living conditions for countless insect species.


Download the Thy National Park app in English

The app shows the way through the beautiful and harsh landscape in Thy National Park. Use the app as a guide to the nature in Thy or to show interesting routes through forests and dunes. The app contains a map with different levels showing locations and routes. The app is offline, so there are no roaming fees or download delays, although it is possible to search for more information online.

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