Klitmøller Smokehouse

Klitmøller Røgeri is located right down to the rushing North Sea on Ørhagevej in Klitmøller.

We offer many different delicious delicacies and barbecue dishes, as well as a large selection of both fresh and freshly smoked fish.

Try Klitmøller Røgeri's homemade specialties such as fish meatballs, star shoots, fish symphony, seafood salads, pancakes with fish, homemade sandwiches with various fish or chicken, our freshly smoked salmon and mackerel, and of course freshly smoked herring.

We have also thought of children and non-fish eaters with some menus without fish.

It can all be enjoyed on site by the beautiful North Sea both indoors and outdoors.

We also deliver out of the house to both small and large companies.


Note: Klitmøller Røgeri is closed in autumn and winter.