Lodbjerg Lighthouse in Thy National Park

A lighthouse in the south of the Thy National Park.

Lodbjerg Fyr was built in 1883 with granite stone that was sailed from Sweden to Denmark. The lighthouse is 35 m high and a little bit crooked. In fair weather the view from the top is magnificent. You can look to the Limfjord to the south, long into the country to the east and let the eyes gaze through unspoiled nature to the north. Lodbjerg Fyr was restored in 2019 and has a beautiful exhibition with the lighthouse's history from the beginning of the construction to the present day.

The lighthouse is also the starting point for hikes into one of Thy's most unspoiled natural landscape – the sand dunes between Lodbjerg and Lyngby.
A marked path leads to the high dune Penbjerg. East of the path is 9 Bronze Age mounds - they are quite difficult to spot, between the dunes.
Lodbjerg Fyr has a café serving coffee and cake. Close to the lighthouse there is a shelter and campfire site.

There has been installed an automatic door opener/closer in Lodbjerg lighthouse and this means that the lighthouse is open daily 7:00 a.m. to 21:00.

If in doubt, contact Nature Agency Thy Søholt, Søholtvej 6 North Water, 7700 Thisted tel. +45 72 54 30 00 - email