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National Park Center Thy - Vorupør

National Park Center Thy in the coastal town of Nørre Vorupør literally has a door to the city and a door to nature.

The center is open to visitors most of the year, and will be staffed with volunteer hosts - in the same way as the information houses at Stenbjerg Landingsplads and Lodbjerg Lighthouse.


Experiences and activities

If you are on a bike ride, the West Coast Route (Denmark's national bike route 1) goes right past the place.

You can also experience the cultural-historical environment at the landing site in Nørre Vorupør, where local fishing boats are located on the beach and there is often a throng of life with tourists and surfers.

The whole family can swim safely in the sea bath, which is equipped handicap-friendly with a slide down into the water.

Taste the local specialties at the restaurants and buy delicious freshly caught fish to take home from the fishmongers.