Premiere Is

Icecream dairy.

Premiere Is

Since 1933, we have delivered ice cream to the Danes. And a lot of our very first ice creams are still popular. Classic ice cream never goes out of fashion.

Premiere Is is a Danish dairy store with proud traditions of craftsmanship and years of experience. For over 80 years we have mad ice cream for the Danes, and we take pride in using only the best ingredients, and stir our ice cream with the care it takes to makes the best ice cream for you.

The ice cream masters at Premiere Is pride themselves in taking the time to select and carefully balance the different ingredients when developing ice cream.

Although we are bound by tradition, we also look to the future. We monitor trends and continually renew our range, so every year we can surprise you with new ice creams.

At Premiere Is we are proud of our recipes and our innovative product development with the respect for the old traditions. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a good, Danish-made ice cream.

Nature is our main ingredient. Here we find the best ingredients, good taste, rich colors and inspiration for the new flavours. Our position is that good ice cream must be free of artificial additives and made of good ingredients.

Our ice cream is based on double cream and the very best ingredients from far and near.