Vejlerne is a large protected area with many breeding migratory birds and habitat for the otter.

The protected nature area called Vejlerne, covers an area of 6000 acres, which was originally below sea level . It contains Denmark's biggest forests of reeds, as well as some of the biggest salt meadows in the country. Here, we find Denmark's biggest population of breeding grey lag-geese as well as marsh harrier, bittern, black tern, crane, white-tailed eagle and peregrine falcon. This area is also one of the few otter habitats in the country.

The newly built Vejlerne Nature Centre is situated directly by the 11/29 main road, and consists of a main building with an exhibition about Vejlerne, its bird life and its flora. From the main building, a footbridge crosses the small channel towards the "view cabin" where one can have a closer look at the area through the intstalled telescope. The buildings also contain electronic information screens which can be used for studying birds and flora.

The Centre is accessible for handicapped persons, and there are public toilets in the buildings.