Visitor Center Østerild

Visitor center at The National Test Center for Large Windmills.

In the visitor center you can get the latest knowledge about wind and wind power in Denmark. Here you can get answers on how a wind turbine is built and see different wind turbine models. You can also play with wind and wind tunnels.

Just outside the visitor center is the view tower. It is made of a bottom section from a Vestas windmill, so here you can see something of a windmill from the inside. When you get to the tower you can look out over the forest and get an overview of the test center and the test wind turbines.

Inside the forest you can really see how large the individual wind turbine parts actually are. We have built a 62 meter long Vestas wing out in the forest floor, which you can both look at and touch.

The visitor center is open all year round, all days of the week, from 10 am 7-22. There is no service here, but in the set up machine you can buy coffee, cold drinks, snacks and souvenirs. There is also access to toilets.

At the visitor center there are tables and benches, so here you can eat your packed lunch, while the kids play at our playground. If the weather is bad, there is also seating inside the center.