And yet… being together with your closest friends or family also has a different feel when the wind batters in the treetops. In and around the forests are shelter sites with free access to firewood and campfires.


Something else that brings light to the dark months are a few of the country's most powerful lighthouses. At Hanstholm we have the North Atlantic lighthouse, and from the top of Lodbjerg Lighthouse in the southern part of Thy National Park you have an amazing view, from above the treetops.


At Bulbjerg in the north you can experience Jutland's only bird cliff (nesting cliff), and at nearby Vejlerne you find northern Europe's largest natural bird sanctuary.

Around The Table

Winter is also “hygge time”, when people get together - indoors around the flickering candles, at local concerts or enjoying a healthy, hearty meal together.

Spa - Wellness

Winter is also a time for hot baths, saunas and warm wellness for body and soul. You can go for a spa break and warm up your body at Sydthy Kurbad, in Hurup (South Thy Spa). You can also take the children to Vigsø Holiday Center, where there is a small water park or to one of the swimming centres in Thisted, Hurup and Snedsted.

Fish Auction

For morning people, it is possible to experience one of Denmark's most important occupations… close up. At the fish auctions in Hanstholm, the prices of haddock, sea bass and cod get shouted across the auction halls on weekdays from 7am.